About Us

Welcome to my online Boutique – Mae Made Creations & Boutique!Β You choosing to drop by to check out my Boutique means more than words! Let me tell you a little about me and why this store is my passion!
My name is Amy, I am a Colorado Native – I have one amazing daughter, 3 Fur Babies and an Awesome, beyond words, Hubby! I like to call myself a shopping enthusiast, but my husband would tell you, I have a shopping problem (what does he know, right?!). After several years of watching other ladies follow their passions and dreams of opening online and store front boutique’s, I thought to myself, I can do that! So here I am, brand new to the boutique game and loving it so far, following my new dream and passion and getting to shop at the same time as selling the products I love, to the ladies I most relate too, you know, the shopping enthusiasts, could not be more exciting!
I am excited to be selling all things boutique, including all types of bags, crossbody bags, weekender bags, duffels, totes, etc., winter accessories, jewelry, candles, certain types of clothes and slippers and awesome stationery! These are only some of my obsessions and am excited to have them in my store to sell.
Please hit that contact me button if you want to see something specific on my website, I am open to suggestions and items my shoppers would like to see! Also, contact me with any questions!
Thank you so much πŸ’œ
Amy (Mae Made Creations & Boutique)